The Tornadoes
The Trendsetters

Bob Phillipson Lead Guitar, Frank Hill - Singer , John Duffield - Drummer,
John Hutchinson - Bass, Reg Jordan - Rhythm Guitar

The band started life in Barrow as The Tornadoes. When Telstar was released by another band called The Tornadoes They changed their name to The Trendsetters. The photo above shows the original lineup.

The Tornadoes won the all England NME beat group competition, beating the Hollies into 2nd place. The pictures above and below show the band with the trophy, the one below being at a recent reunion. The lineup on both pictures are the same -

from the left, Bob Phillipson, Reg Jordon, Ron Smith, John Hutchinson and John Duffield

When the band went professional and re-located to Manchester for a couple of years, Reg Jordan stayed in Barrow to finish his apprenticeship at Barrow Steel Works and Frank Hill took over on rhythm guitar.

Reg Jordan - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Frank Hill- Singer, John Duffield - Drummer,
John Hutchinson - Bass, Barry Parsons - Lead/Rhythm Guitar

The Trendsetters at the 99 club