The Meteors (from Seascale)
The Titans

The line up in the photos above are from left to right - Keyboards - Brian Fairburn,
Vocals & Rhythm guitar - Norman (Possy) Postlethwaite, Drums - Paul Kallis,
Lead Guitar - Rod Alexander

The band was based in Seascale and were the Meteors until 1961 when they became the Titans. The name change presumably came about as they became aware of the Meteors from Maryport.

l to r: Terry Hewitt, Tim Hollier, Mike Beresford and
Rod Alexander - Seascale 1960.

Rod Kimber played played bass for a time and Mike Beresford took over on drums.

Mike Beresford was later replaced by drummer Brian "Chico" Greenwood.

Rod and Paul were still at school at the time and the others were apprentices.

Rod has fond memories of playing exotic places like Broughton in Furness Victory Hall, Backing Miss Bateman and her band (line up of piano,drums and violin!), Millom School and The Windscale Club in Seascale.

Tim Hollier joined on rhythm guitar and Terry Hewitt took over on bass.

The Titans gigged for a couple of years over a wide area of Cumbria, from Carlisle (Cosmo Club etc), Whitehaven (Tow Bar, Civic hall, Empress Ballroom) to Barrow In Furness (99 Club, Duke of Edinburgh).

During this period Rod Alexander also worked occasionally with the Blue Beats, The Phlock, and the resident dance band in the Calder Club. Shortly after, Rod was invited to join Lenny and The Silhouettes. The Titans then disbanded.

Chico Greenwood moved to London later, and had a successful musical career touring Germany, then returning to London, where he worked with a number of bands i.e. Trifle, Axe, Jasper, Moonrider and Nicky James.

Terry Hewitt also moved to London and worked in several bands touring Europe, including a brief period with "The Overlanders" (No.1 with "Michelle") before settling into a career in electronics, being involved with the "Orange" company for several years.

Rod Alexander went on to play with Lenny & The Silhouettes from Whitehaven and then became a professional guitarist.

Follow Rod Alexander's later career as a professional guitarist on his separate web page

Many thanks to Rod Kimber for his early photos and memories and Tim Hollier for the information and photo supplied via Gianpaolo Banelli.

Many thanks also to Rod Alexander for the additional information to complete the story of the Titans and for bringing us up to date with his subsequent career.

Tim Hollier is now a big name in the music publishing field, see the Copyright Administration Services and Kingstreet Media Group websites.

Tim Hollier made some very good albums including "Message to a Harlequin", "Sky Sail" and "The Story of Mill Reef" between 1968 and 1974, and Gianpaolo Banelli's own label has recently issued a CD compilation of his best songs. Have a look at where there is more information about his career on the Hollier page.

Feb 2007 - We heard that Terry Hewitt had died at his home in Surrey.
A nice touch at his funeral was that his favourite bass solo was played - the Shadows' "Nivram"