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From Sweden The Speeders

The Cumbrian connection with the Speeders is that they live in or near Iggesund in Sweden and Torsten Myrgren, the bass guitarist, works for Iggesund Paperboard who have a large branch factory in Workington. He came across this site via a link from a Swedish guitar instrumental site and sent us details of The Speeders.

The Speeders play mainly 60s music, both instrumental Shadows and Spotnicks numbers and the Liverpool sound of the early sixties. The band was formed in 1965 by the rhythm guitarist Bengt who is still in the band.

The Speeders have all the right gear, using Vox ACA30 and AC50  guitar amps and a Fender bassman bass amp. They use Fender, Gibson and Epiphone guitars and Slingerland drums. They play at parties and official gigs.

Torsten Myrgren on bass, Bengt Nordh (front) rhythm guitar & vocals
Sören Jagheden, drums and Ingvar Bergqvist, lead guitar.

If you visit the Speeders' Swedish site at http://www.taggtraden.se/speeders.htm you can download the full version of their recording of the Shadows' Shadoogie