Billy & The Rebel Men
The photo above shows Billy Hartley on the left, he was the main man of the group and played for years until his premature death, a very well liked lad. I am on the drums, the guy with the Framus black rose guitar is David Needham, and the bass player with the Rosetti lucky seven was A bloke called Tony, I don't remember his last name, I only recall that he was in the RAF.

The photo was taken in "The Royal Standard" pub in Whitehaven (now called the Waterfront) and the date would be the late 1950's to the early 1960's. We mainly played at The Standard two nights a week for seven shillings and sixpence each a night (sixty-two and a half new pence) this was a very popular venue and was always full, we also played at "The Bush" in Workington a couple of times but as we were very short of equipment we generally stuck to The Standard.

Colin Atkinson

Alan Williams
Other members of the group from time to time included Ray Burns, Colin Atkinson, Dave Penrice, Kenny Hailes,plus a lot of support from local singers.

The songs we played included things like Running Bear, Three steps to heaven, Cut across shorty, Twist again, What do you want to make those eyes at me for?, (the original photo has Emil Ford's autograph on the back) and when the film GI Blues came out we covered every number, the singer being Colin Atkinson who went on the be a professional comedian, a shame really as he was a good singer.

Donna was another song, in fact I sang that one. The years have taken their toll on my memory so I cannot name many songs but we managed to keep the night going until the pub shut and we went off to the Empress dance hall.

Left to right - Billy Hartley (bass) George (podge) Horton on drums, Lenny Robson (vocals) and Rodney Parr on guitar. Both Billy and Rodney have passed away now.

The Gig would be one of the many under the name of the Silhouettes although the original lead guitarist and bass player were not present

I am glad that at last I am able to get Billy Hartley mentioned somewhere.

Many thanks to Alan Williams for providing the photos and sharing his memories with us