and Atlantic

I think this was 1970 and shows the original full band
Left to right - Ambrose McCourt, Steve Murray, Lee Murray & Alan Davies

'Question', (Rock & Pop Covers) Band, was formed back in 1968, by Steve Murray (Vocals & Guitar) from St Ann's Hill, Carlisle and his best friend Ambrose McCourt (Lead Guitar) from Currock, adding Alan Davies (Bass Guitar), also from St Ann's Hill, the rehearsals started. Finding a Drummer was the problem, firstly another friend, Raymond Donald of St Ann's Hill, and also friend John Moran, tried their hand at the Drums, but it was not until Steve's bother ‘Lee' stepped in one night on a rehearsal, that the band finally! ‘Took off'.

The Bands first ‘Gig' was a support, ½ hour at Glenzier Foot, (Near Canonbie) Village Hall, Easter dance, I think, to another band that Steve was friends with at his then workplace of RAF 14 M.U. Carlisle.

Yet more rehearsals, and a Band Team effort of Brussel Sprout Picking to earn extra cash, led to them eventually obtaining a P.A. System of their own. They then started to work for Border entertainment Agency, in Carlisle, top end of Warwick Road, run by Monica Linton and Michael Ubanks, who also had the One o one Club or Talk of the Border in Botchergate. This meant playing a 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Gig in the club several times a year on a Thursday night for I seem to remember ‘Little pay'.

As the band became more popular we managed to get extra work ourselves, booking direct with Les Leighton at The ‘Cosmo' Ball room at Harraby, by far the best venue I would say in the North of England, mainly as support to the many famous bands that played there. I remember supporting the Elgins, Michael Bell & the Show stoppers, all on tour from the U.S.A. also Cris Mclure Section, Pickity Witch, Mud andHot Chocolate but to name a few.

Question at the Tow Bar, Netherton, Egremont

Like most local bands we did our fair share of pubs. Throstle's Nest at Wigton, Station Hotel at Workington, I can recall quite clearly The Green Bank Country Club at Whitehaven and others, although most of our weekends were taken up with the Friday or Saturday night Town & Village dances, Dalbeattie & Castle Douglas, Haltwhistle, Lockerbie, Moffat, Egremont Town Halls to mention but a few. Other well known venues, Tow Bar at Netherton, Egremont, The Top Cat at Keswick, Lazonby Village Hall Dance, & Lanercost Priory, another great local dance venue of the time.

The Band spread further afield to the Clubs and pubs of the North East, and down to Wigan.
I remember a fantastic night playing the famous ‘Rivington Hall Barn' Venue Near Bolton to a hoard of bikers, so knackered at the end of the gig, we all ended up sleeping in a storage room in this ancient building - spooky night.

The Band's set was made up of Standard Rock & Pop numbers of the time, numbers by The Sweet, Marmalade, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, Free, Canned Heat, Black Sabbath & Deep Purple, Jo jo gun, The Sweet, Marmalade, Creedence Clearwater, etc. We were the only Cumbrian band that did a strong ‘T.Rex' set.

QUESTION left to right Ambrose, Steve, Alan McCulloch & Lee

A few years passed and we introduced another singer to the line up, Alan McCulloch, and for a short while Bruce Thompson (ex Lemon Grass) on Congo's, Brother Lee on Drums disappeared into the Army for a while, and we had a succession of Drumers, Roger Crosby another friend from St Ann's Hill, then ‘Scotch' jimmy as he was known, Gordon Henshaw, brother of Jimmy Henshaw, then I think Lee return to us.

We had three Roadie's in those days, friend John Moran, known to the band as ‘Hob', then Brian Fellows and Phil, we carried a full transit van of gear , Three 4 x 12 Stacks, + Drum kit, and the all important 4 x 12 Wem P.A. Cabs, driven by a SOUND CITY 6 channel powered 120 watt amp (leading edge technology of the time), and my brothers all important Drum accessories case of stands, cymbals and DRINK!.

Left to right Alan McCulloch,(Vocals) Lee, (Drums)Ambrose, (Guitar) Brian (Roady) & Alan (Bass)

The Van was something else, a blue Ford Transit with side doors that were tied down with string as they had come off their bottom rollers, and at a certain speed would open out as a wing, ready for take off. How we fitted all that gear in ,4 band members and three roadies, I don't know, but we did! Fortunately we never had any accidents, but I remember one of the roadies reversing the van one night in the dark at the Green Bank Country Club, Whitehaven and was stopped just in time before going over a very steep bank that lead to the housing estate below.

The band I think ran on to about 1976, and then it's members went their different ways. Years later, in the 1990's, Steve and Lee reformed a band with Dave Foley (Ex 70's guitarist with Carlisle band ‘Circuit' which is separately mentioned on the Web site), Eddy Edge on Keyboards and a guy called Justin Turner on Bass to form Carlisle Rock Band "Atlantic". Justin left to work at Kew Gardens in London, so Richard Budniak of 'Thrice Brew' took his place on Bass and he was later replaced by Alex Green on Bass (Ex Olly Alcock Band).

This lasted to 2003 finally ending up with 5 piece line up of talented musicians, Steve again on Vocals and Guitar, Mike Caits on Lead Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals, Vince Weston on Bass, Al Brown on Lead Guitar and one of Carlisle's best known Drummers ‘Phil Cook', Ex England, Olly Alcock Band, and finally our sound engineer on the desk ‘Janet'.


If anybody out there should have any photo's taken of the band, or remembers the band, we would love to hear from them.

Special mention is made of Ambrose McCourt, ‘Questions' Lead Guitarist, a very great and special guy, who passed away in 1985 of Leukaemia, also John Moran, Friend and Roadie, who has also now passed away. ROCK ON!

Steve Murray