Possy's Page

The first group I played with as far as I can remember consisted of a couple of school friends and a couple of guitars. I can not remember what we called ourselves but I think Gordon Robinson and Henry Eillbeck were in it and we played at our year's school Christmas Party, at the old Egremont Wyndham secondary modern in 1958.(before the new school was built)

I was 14 years old at the time. This photo was taken in the school yard at about that time.

I then joined my brother's group THE CAVEMEN as rhythm guitarist, formerly known as POSSY'S SKIFFLE GROUP.
(I had to audition of course, you get nothing for nothing in this game)

The line up then as far as I can remember was Brian Postlethwaite lead guitar and vocals, Arthur Bell washboard, Les. Preston (tea chest) base, Mike Starkey drums, (no relation to Ringo or Zack as far as I know), Billy Pearson saxophone, Stanley Leece tambourine & Fred (Freddy Possy) Postlethwaite piano.

The Meteors in Action

They were already well known around Egremont after having put on some fine performances in the area, one that springs to mind is the show they put on at the Crab Fair Gurning competition in 1957.

Unfortunately I have no photographs of the group but I am sure that some exist as I remember one appeared in a local newspaper at the time. I think it was the Barrow Evening Mail.

I then started working at the Scawfell Hotel in Seascale and that is how I came to be a member of THE METEORS for a short time.

The Blue Rhythm Band

After being a member of THE METEORS, I did a few bookings with Derek (Pedro) Morrison's BLUE RHYTHM BAND. My dad Freddy Possy was a member of that well established show band and I had many a good night with them.

The line up then was Derek Morrison accordion, Freddy Possy piano & violin, Cyril (Tiny)Morrison drums, Possy guitar and Acker (I can,t remember his real name) saxophone. I have no photos from this time but here is one of 3 of the line up from an earlier time. JIMMY MACKAY, DEREK MORRISON & FREDDY POSSY.

Possy at Pontins

In 1967 I formed a group called THE HELL DWELLERS. The line up was Hughie Fisher bass guitar, Hughie Doran drums and Possy guitar and vocals.

We did a few gigs together but in the mean time I moved to Manchester to try my luck in the clubs as a solo artist. Big mistake, it is one thing being a member of a group but another being on the stage alone.

I still play the guitar and have taken up the keyboards. Having now started using a PC for recording instead of the old audio cassette recorder I think I sound better than I ever did. I have been writing songs for a few years as well.

I am all ready to make my comeback. The highlight of my music was making a demo disc in a real recording studio in 1967 (my stage name then was JIM RAVES)

I have enjoyed making music for the past 50 years.

I have not made it big. But not many of us do.

I have no malice against the people who have done well, I even admire some of them.

I will carry on making music until the day they pat my head with a shovel.

The Jim Raves Record

My advice for young musicians and singers is, enjoy it while it lasts, when it feels like work do something else and don't hope for too much, that way you won't be too disappointed if you don't make it.

For every success there are 1000s of failures.

We can't all be top of the bill.


Possy with his Antoria guitar