Perfume Garden
Paper Sun
Pattern People

Perfume Garden

Jim Logan

Jim Logan was a member of all three of the above bands and later with the London version of Mythology who are covered on a separate page which can be accessed by clicking on the link.

Here Jim shares his memories of those times with us -

Perfume Garden arrived in Carlisle from Scotland in late 1967 boasting a very wild stage act mostly due to our extrovert singer Billy Dickson, who we think was maybe a wee bit Ďahead of his time'. We were doing a mixture of Hendrix, Vanilla Fudge and American west coast music. We worked through the CES agency run by Monica Linton. CES handled all the foremost Carlisle bands at that time including Black Sabbath forerunners Mythology. Perfume Garden and Mythology were the only professional bands with the agency at the time.

In 1968 Perfume Garden broke up when two of the other members wanted to return to Scotland and Willie & I formed Paper Sun with ex. Mythology bass player Neil Marshall and a (then) young schoolboy Peter Barr. Mythology had also split up by this time! Paper Sun was a strictly blues band that lasted for less than a year. That seemed to be about the average length of time that bands stayed together I those days!, I then played with a band from Brampton whose name I cannot now remember.

Jim Logan in Paper Sun

Pattern People

In early 1969 I met a guy called Peter Smithson and we formed a harmony band called Pattern People . We started our first set by singing the 5th Dimension song Pattern People. How corny was that! Peter had given up bands two years earlier when Street Car had broken up but could not stay away.

For a while we played all over Cumbria , Northumberland & The Borders then we were offered the resident band job in Newby Grange country club. We did three of our own sets and backed the visiting cabarets. Wednesday nights were always interesting! That was Stag Night and we would spend extremely entertaining sessions in the number one vantage point, and avoiding various pieces of flying clothing as the strippers strutted their stuff to our music. They did not dare throw their clothing at the punters as they may never have seen it again! We were at Newby Grange for about a year and then we took a short residency in the Talk of the Border before going back on the road again.

On our travels we met two of the old Mythology guys when we were on the same bill. By now they had taken on board Ozzie Osbourne and Geezer Butler and had changed there name to Earth . With their OK we decided to change our name to Mythology.

For the rest of the story go to the Mythology page.