The End of the Palace Ballroom
in Maryport in 2008

In June 2008 an exhibition was held in the Palace Ballroom in Maryport (by then known as the Civic Hall) to commemorate the bands who had played there in it's long history of being the top venue in West Cumberland, particulalry through the sixties.

It was opened on the 12th of November 1934 when the resident band was Billy Iley and his Jazz Jesters. Most of the top acts of the sixties performed there, as shown on the posters below, supported by local groups, mainly Billy Steele and the Strollers. Other local groups included The Ramrods, Marshall Scott & The Deputies, The Meteors, The Electrons, The Defenders, Rue & The Rockets, The Avengers and The Phlock (all of whom are included on this website - see the link to the index page above). There is also a schedule of all the headline and support acts that appeared at the Palace in the sixties.

The opening of the exhibition
Alastair Duncan, John Manchester, Margaret Craig, Mike Gregson, Robin Melville,
Peter Cross (Deputy Mayor), Paul Sherwin

Left to right - John Manchester, Robin Melville and Billy Steele of The Strollers and
Alastair Duncan of The Defenders

Awaiting the final curtain
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