Maxwell Nicholson

Orange played in Cumbria in the late 60s. The Carlisle songwriting duo of Mike Maxwell and Chris Nicholson, having been a folk-influenced duo (and at one time choir boys), teamed up with Steve Ridley, and John Smith to form Orange.

Orange were very succesful in Carlisle and throughout Cumbria and the Borders. The picture above dates from 1971.

Mike and Chris moved down to London and initially became a duo again under the name Maxwell Nicholson. They subsequently added Kenny Kendal on drums and Brian Ward on guitar while retaining the Maxwell Nicholson name.

Mike Maxwell and Chris Nicholson

They recorded their own compositions "Trees and Things" and "Virgin" for EMI. The single was released on the Columbia label and was described at the time as having "an intriguing fine balance between rhythm and melody". The recording is still available, appearing on Fading Yellow vol 5 (Flower Machine Records)
Many thanks to Chris Nicholson for providing the above information and pictures