The Nomads / Relics

The Nomads originally got together in 1960, starting with Ernie Green and Alec Alves. They started out playing acoustic guitars together until they were joined by John Porthouse on drums and Alan McCubbin on bass guitar and Ernie and Alec bought electric guitars.

The band would rehearse in St. Augustine's church hall and in 1961 played their first gig at the Eterby Mission Hall Youth Club.

Alan McCubbin left and was replaced on bass by Les Dock.

The first time the band got paid was when they played for an hour at the Cameo Ballroom in Botchergate while the resident Cliff Eland band took their break. They got twelve shillings and sixpence between them. They went down extremely well and were asked to play regularly.

In 1962 The Nomads auditioned successfully for Rita Irving and as a result got regular bookings at the Queen's Hall and Gretna Hall.

Further lineup changes were that Ian Grant replaced Les Dock and Mostyn Carpenter replaced John Porthouse. Jerry Ward was added as a second guitarist.

The band went on to play all over Cumberland and Westmoreland and Southern Scotland.

In 1964 the Nomads became The Relics. Mostyn Carpenter left and Stuart Kenyon took his place. Towards the end of the year the band folded.