Morning Dew
Kobblers Dream

Morning Dew were formed in 1972 and comprised of Don Mackay on lead vocals, Glyn Davies on bass guitar & vocals, Tommy McCombe on lead guitar & vocals and Donald Ellis on drums.

Previously Glyn had played with The Meteors, Tommy with Society's Child and Donald Ellis with various bands including The Dukes.

Morning Dew's first gig was a 21st birthday party at the Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge. After the success of their opening gig the band performed in most of the venues around Cumbria before hiring a new drummer, Baz Ellwood, turning professional and relocating to Germany where they were hired to play for the American Armed Forces.

They went to Germany with their new drummer having rehearsed with them on only a couple of occasions. However playing five 45 minute sets every night soon tightened up the music. In the American clubs bands played either country rock or Motown music. Morning Dew played both genres, so played to packed, if not volatile, audiences at every gig.

During the 60's and 70's there was still a great deal of segregation in American audiences. The night before the band arrived at their first venue an unhappy punter had shot up the stage area with an M16. This in itself was a great motive for the band playing out of their skins!

On returning to England Morning Dew moved straight into a 6 week summer season at Rhyll Dixieland Bar in North Wales where they achieved top billing after only 2 weeks.

It was at this point that they changed their name to Kobblers Dream.

Then came the call from their manager that they were to appear on TV's New Faces program, ATV's flagship show. After appearing on the show and even though they didn't win, work all around the UK came flooding in, keeping them busy every night.

The band eventually decided to call it a day after working on a cruise liner in the Mediterranean.

However, after only one night off, Don and Glyn were asked to join a new band (Paragraph) with Baz Dunnery on guitar, John Marcangelo on keyboards and Joe Beach on drums. They rehearsed their whole show in the back of a van on the way to their first gig in Dumfries.

After the demise of Morning Dew/Kobblers Dream, Glyn played with various bands such as Paragraph, Nerves, Waving at Trains and Craft. He then became a duo with local accoustic guitarist Tom Walker.

Don also played with various bands such as Paragraph, Nerves, Tantrum and Waving at Trains.

Waving at trains comprised of Don on vocals, Frank Hall on drums, Francis Dunnery (pre It Bites) on lead guitar & vocals and Glyn on bass guitar & vocals. Don now has a highly successful one man show.

Tommy has re-formed Society's Child and is still knocking out the riffs.

Glyn Davies provided this history of Morning Dew.

Glyn passed away on the 29th September 2008.

His funeral had a massive turnout and several
of his old friends paid moving tributes to him.