Mere Detail

Mere Detail were a Wigton band.

The lineup was : Ian Sharp - bass & vocals, Mike Black - rhythm, Joe Richardson - drums, Roy Crosthwaite - lead guitar, the late Johnny McGregor - hammond organ and vocals, and Neil McGregor - rhythm guitar and vocals.

Mere Detail were in action from 1968 to 1970.

Mere Detail are shown above playing at Carlisle Market Hall, for the Cumberland Show Dance.

Neil McGregor recalls "We used to play at the Cosmo, Talk of the Town, and a club called “Ortons” ( I think!) in Dumfries . They wanted to sign us up for a permanent 5-night session, but we broke up at that time.

We always had a great do at Wigton Market Hall!! We played with Earth, at Banklands (Workington), on their last night as Earth, before becoming Black Sabbath. We had a fierce competition going with “Robin & Midstream”.