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The Konchords

Formed towards the end of 1965, The Konchords were noted for their close-harmony singing, playing the dancehalls in Cumberland, Westmorland and the Scottish Borders.

The band was made up of ex-Firebirds members, Bob Brown together with Peter and John Fisher. They were joined by Les Holden and Hughie Stuart. Les Holden quickly gained recognition for his Rick Nelson and Elvis covers.

The group performed at the Carnegie theatre - Workington, competing against other Cumbrian bands including The Electrons, in front of a large audience which included TV personalities and an EMI Records representative. (For details of that night see the Renegades page). At that time, newspapers likened Les Holden's voice to that of the great Conway Twitty. In the 50's, Les had come through the skiffle days with The Falcons, then The Bluestones in Aspatria.

The boys split up in 1966. John, Les & Hughie then went on to join Maurice Brown, Mike & Duncan Black to form the IQ's. Maurice Brown had grown up with the great (Alf) Greg Ridley (Aspatria) of VIP's, Art, Spooky Tooth, then Humble Pie fame. They practised for 6 months, then played for 3 months at venues such as The Cosmo - Carlisle.

Fond memories of The Konchords :- All those regular Wednesday night appearances in Portinscale village hall for the Youth Club. That New Year's Eve appearance in Rockliffe village hall. Rocking in Ireby Globe Hall. Supporting the Applejacks in Brampton, etc.

What happened next :-

In 1967, Les Holden emigrated to Australia, joining a busy band at Woomera - the band with a short title - The East Cheam Working Men's Creole Stompers.

He returned to UK a couple of years later. After a spell with the Garage Band, he joined Reunion, now performing at all major venues in Cumbria.


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