John Miller

John Miller (left) with his trio in 1968 - Jeff Duffy (drums) & Tony Renney (bass).

Raised in Maryport in the 30's, John Miller was playing guitar long before most of us could. A professional guitarist of the "old school" he was a real musician who's heyday was the dancebands of the 50's/early 60's before the pop groups took over.

After moving to Leeds in the 50's he worked in the leading ballrooms & clubs in Yorkshire & did seasons in holiday camps in Wales & Isle of Wight.

When he settled back in West Cumberland  in the 60's, he played both guitar & bass in the resident bands in local ballrooms such as The Princess & The Cumbria as well as having his own modern jazz trio & a music shop in Workington.

But, his importance to music in W. Cumbria was mainly as a guitar teacher. He was devoted to raising the standard of guitar playing in our area & for four decades until his death he taught many local guitarists how to play. Anyone dedicated enough to stay the full course of his thorough & demanding teaching emerged as a fully trained musician on the guitar.

Also known as Jonathan Miller & Johnny Vermont, John is remembered by all as something of a character, but with a good heart underneath.