Index were a popular local Workington band of the sixties and early seventies, playing all the usual west coast venues, and regular north east club weekends in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

The band, as pictured above, comprised of (from left to right) -  

Raymond Ingram (Bass), John McCombe (Lead Guitar), Brian Tunstall (Drums & Vocals), and David Wishart (Guitar & Vocals). 

This was a time when all local clubs put a maximum of £25 a booking on all entertainment, but if you were good enough you could always get £30.

The North East venues were different again from this area, as over there you were a part of the evening's entertainment, along with other acts, so you could have a regular programme because only one set was required. It was still all go playing lunchtimes and evenings, then probably a night club after midnight, the bonus of course was playing Sunday lunch with the strippers.  

Index's final performance was in the "Lido" in Silloth on Easter Sunday 1970, the place had never been as full, either because it was Easter holidays or I like to think it was our band's popularity. 


Many thanks to Brian Tunstall for providing the Picture and the Information about Index