Cumbrian Bands of The 70's
(and some a bit later!)

After the huge success of our Cumbrian Bands of the Sixties site we have been asked by several people about widening our scope and including Cumbrian Bands of the Seventies.

Well here we are! We have made a start and hope this site will expand in the way the Sixties site did.

If you were in a seventies band in Cumbria, or have information about any of the bands please get in touch with us and share youre memories and photos (even if you were wearing flares and a perm at the time!).

Contact details and our guest book are on the Cumbrian Bands of the 60's index page - see link above (top right).

Frank Hall of Nerves

Buzz and Brian from Hammerhead

The sixties site, somewhat to our surprise, has become a way of former group members getting in touch with their old mates, often from other parts of the world. Hopefully this will also be the case with this site.

Some of the bands were of course active in the sixties as well as the seventies, in which case there may be links to the same band from both sites.

During the seventies Cumbria continued to provide bands with national and international reputations such as Necromandus and Hammerhead and exceptional guitarists like Egremont brothers Baz and Francis Dunnery and the Hammerhead duo of Buzz Elliott and Brian Hodgson.

See some of these Bands on YouTube where you see this logo on their web page

Bands appearing on YouTube include those on the following webpages -