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The Hotrods were based in Harraby, Carlisle. They consisted of Dave McRae on rhythm guitar. Phil Bayne on lead guitar, Sinclair Graham on drums and Walter Jackson on bass.

The Hotrods played in the County ballroom, Queens hall and Harraby Youth Centre as well as various youth clubs round the Carlisle area.

Phil Bayne had previously played with Hod and The Shakers with Kevin Iveson, Howard Gaughey and Dave Rutherford. He went on to play with the Runaways.

Dave McRae had previously been in a band called the Vampires with Walter Jackson, Tom Gafney and probably Mike Charters on drums. One night they went to see the Four Dollars at Wigton market hall and were invited by the Dollars to get up and play during the interval.

Freddy and The Breadcrumbs were formed after the breakup of the Hotrods.

This photo of Freddy and The Breadcrumbs was probably taken while they were playing at Penrith legion

The lineup was Freddy Haney lead singer, Dave McRae lead guitar and vocals, Raymond Greenhow bass and Mike Charters (better known as Beagles) on drums.

Dave and Freddy were from Wigton, Ray Greenhow from West Newton and Mike from Bothel.

At one time The Breadcrumbs were helped out for a short time by Baz Dunnery (on bass!) when the bass player was ill.

Dave McRae went on to play with many other bands including the Black Diamond Showband, Dave and the Diamonds and played in Lucky with Phil  Bayne and John Nelson. Later he went on to play with Jackie Atkinson in Harper Valley and until recently a band called Coco from Wigton.

Dave has now retired from playing but has found that this website brought back a lot of happy memories.

Many thanks to Dave McRae for the above information and picture

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