Feel I'm Fallin'

Time Will Tell

Heavy Handed


& Beer

I'll Be Back

Crying As I Fall

Death Lesson

Will to Survive

Tommy Vance
Friday Show


In 1977, aged 16, Buzz Elliott was playing in a band called 8 Hertz at the Carnegie Theatre in Workington with some friends from school, and the other HAMMERHEAD guitarist Brian Hodgson was in the audience, the next day Buzz was invited by Brian to have a jam on a few ideas that he had been putting together with bass player Steve Archer, a few of these songs were totally original, and some were revamped versions of songs that Brian had been playing with his 2 previous bands: 'Judas' & 'Bitter Harvest' .

Buzz had a few rehearsals with Brian at the time, but didn't join the line up until around 1979, shortly followed by Baz Ellwood, the drummer from Brian's old band Judas.

This line up remained constant for about 4 to five years up to about 1985 during which time the band recorded their self financed single 'Time will Tell' which Buzz wrote and ' Lonely Man' which Brian and Steve had written a few years earlier, these were recorded at Linden Sounds studio in 1981 and engineered by Guy Forrester.

1984 - Mike Thorburn from Carlisle band 'Black Axe' joins as a temporary member (just to help us out for a few months).

1984/5 - Frank Hall (formerly of Necromandus & Nerves) joins up as full time drummer.

1984 - Keyboard player David Taylor joins up as a part time member of the band to help out with some gigs.

1984/5 - Buzz quits the band as a full time member, but continues to help out with occasional gigs from time to time.

1985/6 - former Necromandus guitarist Baz Dunnery (brother of Francis Dunnery from It Bites) joins up for a very brief stint with the band.

1986 - Keyboard player David Taylor joins up again for a few more gigs.

1986 - With general interest in the band dwindling, Brian and Frank join up with a band called Plateau from the nearby town of Whitehaven , this lasts less than a year, only a handful of gigs are played and a 2 track demo is recorded.

1987 - 1996 - virtually no activity, a handful of local gigs are played with the help of another drummer; Tyrone Larmour during this time.

Buzz, Steve and Tyrone also help out another local ‘singer' Dez Rumney with a few of his spectacular Black Sabbath tribute shows during this period.

Neil "Dobbo" Robinson was with "Hammerhead" from Sept 1987 to August 1990, and then "Belfagan" and "Stealer"

1995/6 - Brian gets everyone together for a one night session in a different studio, these demos were not really suitable for release to the public until some overdubs were made in 2005.

The two main songs that were recorded that night were 'Will to Survive' and 'Crying as I fall', there were a few other songs recorded but the sound was not acceptable on them.

Brian - Guitar/vocals,
Buzz - Guitar/vocals/keyboards,
Steve Archer - bass,
Tyrone Larmour - drums

1996 - 2005 no activity other than a few minor local appearances with the above line up.

2005 - re-formed to play at a friends birthday and decided to rehearse for another studio session at Linden Sounds with Guy Forrester as studio engineer.

2005 - Headonism recorded at Linden Sounds studio on the 28 th Oct and 12 th Nov. 2005 , initially 75 copies are made with the original running order.

2006 - Running order of tracks changed to help fit vinyl format after an offer to release it by HIGH ROLLER RECORDS in Germany, it was decided to retain the new running order for future CD's and the spelling of album title was revised to 'HEADONIZM'

This brings you up to date with HAMMERHEAD.

Many thanks to Buzz Elliott for providing both the writeup and the photographs