Mick Potts and
The Gateway Jazz Band

The above picture of Mick and The Gateway Jazz Band was taken at The Crown in Wetheral on New Tear's Day in 1991.

The lineup in the photo from left to right - Norman Heeley-Creed (trombone), Stewart Jessett (double bass), Brian Rogerson (drums), John Smith (banjo), Mick Potts (trumpet), Tim Bedford (piano) and Billy Douglas (sax and clarinet).

Other people who were members of the band at diffferent times include Jim Willis, Al Potts, Eric Smith and Peter Myers.

Mick began his musical career on the piano which he learnt from the age of 7 and subsequently was successful at various musical festivals. While he was at Carlisle Grammar School he took up the trumpet and joined a band.

Mick and the Gateway Jazz Band appeared on BBC TV in the Six Five Special in 1958.

Later in their career, in the late 70's, the band did three series of six programmes of "Take The Mick" for Border Television, featuring various guest stars. The programmes were seen all over the country and as a result they were asked to play at Windsor Castle for the Duke of Edinburgh.

In 1978 the band recorded an album with George Chisholm at Rosehill Theatre

Tim Bedford played with the band from 1977 up to Mick's death in 1993. He remembers the band having a lot of fun playing all over the country.