Formula One

Formula One, left to right:-

Malcolm Judge - tenor sax - now uses the name Jeff Judge and has been living in Durban in South Africa for decades and I believe teaching music there. His brother, Brian Judge, is still a mainstay of the Barrow cabaret and jazz scene. Jim Morgan - Baritone sax - still active around the Furness scene. George Nichols - organ and bandleader - unfortunately dead for several years. Can't put a name to the drummer but I'll see if any of my mates can remember him. Colin Wookey on guitar - now uses the name Colin Scott and has been resident in Manhattan for many years. I am still in touch with Jeff, Jim and Colin.

Glenn Cornick (formerly Glenn Barnard from my Barrow days)

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Glenn & Chris

Glenn, Chris & Cheryl

Glenn & Colin

Glenn & Ronnie