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Formed in March 1964, this group became extremely popular in the towns and villages of Cumberland.
The band supported famous names such as VIPs, Applejacks and others.

Dance halls were packed with fans, screaming girls in front of the stage, busloads arriving at the Globe Hall in Ireby week after week.

No other group appeared there until The Firebirds disbanded in late 1965.

John Fisher - (lead guitar) John is from Uldale in Cumbria. He later teamed up with Les Holden to form The Konchords then The IQs. In 1988 he joined The Garage Band then played with Derek Tolson in The Reunion Band until late 1999.

Derek Tolson - (rhythm guitar) Derek is from Torpenhow in Cumbria.

He played in the Lofthouse cowboys with Dennis Blamire, Tony Rennie and Chris Graham.

Derek, Chris Graham and Tony Rennie later went on to join Colin Wright and Ken Kirby in the Sadlers - a famous professional country music band which toured throughout the UK for a number of years.

In 1988, he helped form The Garage Band, playing the clubs and dancehalls in aid of various charities.

In 1994 they became The Reunion Band, keeping up the good work. They continue to play regularly and have recorded a couple of CDs.

Bob Brown
- (bass guitar) from Ireby. Later joined TheKonchords.

Bill Douglas
- (lead singer) from Fletchertown.

Peter Fisher
- (drums) is also from Uldale. He later joined The Konchords with John.

The Firebirds, along with many other Cumbrian bands, often made it into the local newspapers. Had these bands been based in London, Manchester or Liverpool, they would all have become nationally known.

Members of The Firebirds made good friends from bands such as The Defenders, The VIPs, Billy Steele and the Strollers, The Meteors, The Microns, The Renegades and many others.

We send greetings to all our friends and fans from the wonderful 60s !

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