Fire & The Ferinos

Neil Marshall (bass and vocals), Ronnie Tinning (rhythm guitar and vocals),
Robert "Fire" Earl (vocals), Bob Elliman (drums), Raymond Robson (lead guitar and vocals)

Ray and Ronnie started practising together at The Kings Hall youth club in Globe Lane Carlisle. On the second night they were joined  by Bob and Neil during the session Fire came in and suggested that they needed a singer.... so that became the line up of Fire & The Ferinos.

It was agreed that they could practise in the youth club ,store their gear have further tuition and in return play F.O.C. for the Youth club dances.

They played in a lot of the popular dances in Carlisle e.g. Queens hall, County hall and all over Cumbria and Scotland.

Neil left after a while and was replaced on bass by Harvey Naylor.

Fire & The Ferinos were offered a tour of Germany by their then agent Rodney Warr. He said that if they went he would buy them all new Fender guitars, Vox amplifiers etc. to go with, but the cost would be deducted from their wages on return. At this time none of them were professionals and two of the band didn't want to go as they would lose their apprenticeships , so they declined.

Soon after this the the band split up.

Sadly Bob Elliman, Robert 'Fire' Earl and Harvey Naylor have since passed away, but all of them are remembered with fond memories.

Thanks to Ray Robson & Brian Cowen
for supplying the info and photos.