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Sue And The Danjolairs

Sue and The Danjolairs was the family band
of the Holmes family.

The lineup was (left to right above) -

Hear Danny on You Tube
talking about his DJ work
on Haven hospital radio

Joan (Drums), Sue (Guitar & Vocals), Nigel (Bass), Danny (Accordion & Band leader)

Sue & The Danjolairs at Thornhill Social Club at the club's jubilee special do.

Sue and The Danjolairs played all over the North of England and Scotland. During their long career they supported many top acts such as The Fourmost, The Rocking Berries, The Ivy League, Pinkertons Colours, Christie, The Mac Showband and Strawberry Fields.

They also did a lot of cabaret in thousands of clubs and worked with many stars including the famous northern comedian Bobby Thompson (The Little Waster).

They did many radio broadcasts and appeared on television shows "Opportunity Knocks" and "Top Town".

In 1975 Sue hung up her guitar to go to university.

In came ace guitarist and vocalist Bill Neesham (left) who played with the Danjolairs with distinction until Sue came home.

Bill then went on to form his own country band with great success.

The Danjolairs Country Band

back row left to right -

Mike Grace, Danny Holmes, Brian Jarmey

in front - Joannie Holmes


The Danjolairs Country Band were runners up in the BBC Radio Cumbria Talent Contest Final in 1984


Danny Holmes' first band was the Blue Rhythm Band who also appear on this site.