The Cliff Eland Band

Cliff Eland had a band since the 1940s. The 1970s line up was Norman Hubner on keyboards on a Vox Continental organ [see correction below], Brian Cowen replaced Harvey Naylor, Roger Crossby was on drums but others occupying the drums were Erick Wood, Dave Walters, Sid Morton and Stewart Kenyon. Cliff was on tenor sax, George Pape on Clarinette, Alto and Barre Sax. Russell ?? was on trumpet for a short time but Dave Gibson played for much longer.

The photo above was taken in 1979. The drummer was Sid Morton and Dave Gibson was back on trumpet. The rest of the line up was Norman, Brian, George and Cliff.

They played in community centres, clubs etc. but at christmas played at dinner dances for local firms particularly at the Cosmo ,The Crown and Mitre, the Coach house, The Moota etc.,

They had a group within the band where part of the night Norman went onto Bass, Brian went onto guitar and George at times played 2nd guitar.

During the three day week and power cuts, one night the power went off whilst they were playing at the Crown and Mitre. Brian had to run to the local jazz club to borrow a double bass to play until the electric came back on again.

Brian, Norman and Dave Walters went on to form a trio 'Just Right'in 1979.

The Queen's Jubilee

Norman Hubner, Brian Cowen
and Dave Walters in 1973

From Norman Hubner -

Hi just a little note re one of the pictures of the Cliff Eland Band. I was the keyboard player (Norman) and a little correction to the blurb - the board in the top picture was actually a Welson double board. It started out as a two manual organ but with a little "broggling" by Brian Akinson at JP Dias on Botchergate was turned into a piano top board and organ bottom.

The keyboard was called a Welson "suitcase" organ but I think the only person who could lift that "suitcase" was Geoff Capes (and me when a lot younger) It weighed a ton!!! Can't remember having that much hair!

Still "doing it" but as a solo now as "One Foot in the Groove". Anybody who still remembers the old band drop me a line at Lost touch with most of the crew but still in touch with Brian our bass player.

Keep up the good work on the site regards, Norman