The Echos / The Cavedwellers

The Echos

The Echos' line up in the picture above, from left to right is:

Ian Milburn (Milly) on drums, Barry Gilbertson (Baz) on rhythm guitar, Dave Gillon (Giggs) on bass guitar, Howard Simms on vocals and Derek Brown (Dekka) on lead guitar.

They used to play locally,within a radius of around 30 miles,and played the pop music of the time, plus a bit of rock 'n roll, Motown, soul and blues. They also did a few Shadows instrumentals, to give Howard's vocal chords a rest!

After a while Howard and Derek moved into the Cavedwellers.


The Cavedwellers

The Cavedwellers were a Carlisle band. They had more members than most local bands as they had two or three saxaphone players. The lineup fluctuated but at various times included Tom Foster (sax), Dave Foster (keyboards), Richard Atkinson (vocals), Bil Finlayson (sax), Gordon Hinde (drums), Derek Brown (guitar), Pete Batey (bass), John McGlaughlin (guitar), Howard Sims (bass) and Brian Rogerson (drums).

Brian Rogerson and John McGlaughlin had each at one time been members of the Four Dollars.

The Cavedwellers played R&B as well as rock - hence the sax section. They played regularly at the Cosmo club and the County ballroom in Carlisle and eventually further afield at various venues in the north of England and southern Scotland.