Carnaby Squares

The Tremors

Bass - Pete Stretch,  Drums - Ian Inglis,
Lead Guitar - Mike Malkin
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals - Ray Cassley.

They started playing local youth clubs in Barrow in Furness in the 60s.

The band was called The Tremors, they developed a stage act and went on to play in local pubs and clubs.

After some time and band member changes, the final set up was a three piece group called the Carnaby Squares, which was managed by the 99 Club.

The Carnaby Squares lineup was -  Bass & Vocals - Colin Williams, Drums - Ian Inglis,
Lead Vocals - Barry Parsons.

They played with many groups of the day including, KINKS, MOODY BLUES, IVY LEAGUE. Etc…

They played more in the Lancashire area at first, Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester , then moving to the Butlin camps. Fyle, Minehead, etc..

The band later became The Peppers.

They later entered the Barrow heat of a national competition as Knucklebone, winning the heat.

The Peppers -  
Bass & Vocals - Ray Cassley,
Drums - Ian Inglis, 
Lead Vocals - Peter Bigland,
Piano - Jack Minor.


Knucklebone -  Bass & Vocals - Ray Cassley, Drums - Ian Inglis,
Lead Vocals - Peter Bigland.