The Avengers (Carlisle)

The Avengers in 1962 from left to right -

Barry Gilbertson, Malcolm Carswell, Derek Brown and Edgar Moffat

The Carlisle Avengers were formed in 1961. The lineup was Derek "Dekka" Brown on lead guitar, Barry Gilbertson on rhythm guitar, Malcolm Carswell on drums and Edgar "Moff" Moffat (who supplied the information about the band).

Derek also acted as manager and taught the others. The Avengers used to practice at Malcolm's house in Denton Holme in Carlisle.

They were given their first booking at the Queens Hall by Rita Irving who was so impressed with the band that she thanked them publicly in the News and Star. As the band developed they played most of the usual Carlisle venues.

Initially they had no singer and for the first year they concentrated on instrumental numbers by artists such as The Shadows and Duane Eddy.

Eventually the band were taken on by Rodney Warr who became their manager and added a singer.

Edgar remembers the band having publicity photographs taken in the Gretna Hall wearing black shirts and trousers with red socks.

The Avengers later evolved into the Echos, who like the Avengers, supported the VIPs



Edgar Moffat, Malcolm Carswell & Barry Gilbertson at a recent reunion
at which Moff turned up in the Avengers' old uniform of black shirt & red tie.
The three lads above still live in Carlisle, but Derek Brown (right) now lives in Spain.