The Blue Rhythm Band


The photo above shows the Blue Rhythm Band in action in St. Cuthbert's Hall in Seascale in 1948.

The lineup was, from left to right -

Danny Holmes (Accordion), Mary Morrison (Percussion), Harry Matthews (Percussion and Band Manager), Ray Bragg (Drums), Freddy Possie (Percussion/Sax/Steel Guitar),
Betty Whitehead (Vocalist/Percussion) and Derrick (Pedro) Morrison (Accordion and Band Leader)

This was Danny Holmes of Sue and The Danjolairs' first band - he was 15 when this photo was taken.

The Blue Rhythm Band played a wide range of music from Latin American to Ballroom to Country to Old Tyme Dancing.

The Blue Rhythm Band in 1953
Freddy Possy (Sax), Stan (Drums) Pedro (Accordion), Harry Moyle (Piano)
and Cliff Weir (Accordion)

Cliff Weir went on to form his own Cliff Weir Band

Jimmy Mackay , Derek Morrison & Freddy Possy

Possy's son played a few gigs with the band in the early sixties (see Possy's page). The line up at that time was Derek Morrison accordion, Freddy Possy piano & violin, Cyril (Tiny) Morrison drums, Possy jr. on guitar and "Acker" on saxophone.

Pedro, as well as being band leader and accordionist, used to drive the band's van.

On one occasion he suddenly exclaimed "Twinkle twinkle little star, I see the wheel of a motor car!" The band looked out in horror to see one of the van's wheels running ahead of them down the road. Pedro declared "Don't worry - we've still got three left!"

Another time the steering wheel came off in Pedro's hands - he calmly passed it to Danny saying "Do you want to drive?".