The Bee Jees
The Chains / The Troubles

The Bee Jees (formed before the famous Bee Gees) were from Carlisle.

The members shown above are Brian Cowen, Kenny Kendall, Brian Oliver and Keith Wilkinson.

The above photos from 1963 featured the 11 year old Robert Kendall (known as Kenny), the rest of the band being 16.

The sheet music on the left is for the "New Dance Sensation" the Beeje - hence the name!


Brian Cowen later joined Alan Duncan ,John Coulthard and Keith Wilkinson and Brian Oliver in The Chains (shown above left). On the right the two Brians.

Brian Cowen eventually left the Chains in mid 1965. He was replaced by Ray Parr and the band became The Troubles. The lineup was John Coulthard (piano/vocals), Alan Duncan (drums), Brian Oliver (bass/lead vocals) and Ray Parr (lead guitar/vocals).

When Ray Parr left The Troubles the band split up and Brian Oliver joined Norman's Conquest for a while, playing bass.

Later John Coulthard, Alan Duncan and Brian Oliver teamed up with Neil Marshall on bass, Brian switching to 6-string guitar. This new lineup led to the birth of 22nd Street People in August 1966 when they discovered their voices blended well for 4-part harmony and a West Coast "sunshine pop" sound.