Barrow Bands

Does anyone out there have any information or photos of any of these bands from the Barrow area (or any others not listed!)? If so please get in touch.

The Rockin' Renegades

From the left, Bob Phillipson, (Lead Guitar) Ken Pugh, (Drums) Reg Jordon, (Rhythm guitar) Billy Black.(bass guitar) and seated, Jim McManus (Lead Vocalist )

The Hobos

The Wild Violets

Frankie and the Trendsetters (pro band circa 1962 to 1966.)

The Phantoms

The Escorts

The Rockin' Renegades

The Tornadoes (won the all England NME beat group competition beating the Hollies into 2nd place) Had to change their name to the Trendsetters when the Tornadoes released Telstar.

Group 3

The Midnights

Bob Atkinson & The Vikings

The Roadrunners

The Reflections (Ulverston)

Formula One

Smyths Myths

Angels Payment

Octave Union

Ronnie and The Bluebeats

Carnaby Squares

Patents Pending (evolved from Chapter Five and played for a further 35 years)

Danny Patterson and the Flamingoes.

The Furness Jazz College Seven

The Memphis Roadshow


The Hobos


Formula 1


The Wild Violets


The Road Runners

Memphis Roadshow were a comedy show band. The photos were taken in 1978.

From the left taken from Middle Picture, Alec Dacre (Bass Guitar) Gordon Woodhouse (Drums) Ian Downing ( Lead Vocals, Impersonator and Rhythm guitar) and Allan Davies (Lead Guitar).

Replay (in 1979)
From the left, Alec Dacre (Bass Guitar) Ian Downing (Lead Vocalist and Rhythm guitar)
Steve Nicholson (Nicky) ( Drums) and Allan Davies (Lead Guitar).