The Avengers

Tom Coulthard (rhythm guitar), Ronnie Bird (bass), Jimmy Graham (drums)
and Jack Greenhow (lead guitar)

The Avengers were another fine band from the Maryport area who started playing in 1961. The original lineup was Jack Greenhow on guitar, Harry Gilmore on drums, Joe Semple on vocals and Geoff Howard on Guitar.

Jack Greenhow had learned violin from the age of 11 and switched to guitar during the skiffle craze. He then played for a while with a young group called the Tornadoes

This linup is shown on the right with newly crowned Siddick Coal Queen Raina Routledge posing on the drums.

Shortly afterwards Tom Coulthard joined on guitar and Geoff Howard moved to bass.

Jimmy Graham later took over on drums, having previously played with the Black Panthers and the Wildcats.

This lineup is shown on the left, posing on a cement mixer.

Later Ronnie Bird took over on bass.

The Avengers played all the regular local venues in Millom, Maryport, Workington, Whitehaven, Keswick and Carlisle. At Millom they were once billed as "Joe Vance and The Avengers".

At the Pavillion ballroom in Keswick they supported The Kinks just before they hit the big time.

The picture on the right of the lads was taken in 1964.

It was taken at the Golden Gate Contest in Hall Park, Workington, in which all the local groups took part. For details of the event see the Renegades page

The line up here is from left to right Ronnie Bird, Jack Greenhow, Tom Coulthard and in front Jimmy Graham (who was also known as "cat").

As well as playing the local dance halls The Avengers travelled as far afield as Manchester and Liverpool where they did a tour of the Silverblades ice rinks.

In 1964 Joe Semple left the band to join The Renegades and shortly afterwards The Avengers disbanded.

The Avengers in action

Many thanks to Tom Coulthard who provided photos and information about the band.