A.C. Experiment

A.C. Experiment at the Reds Club Workington, March 1969.

From left to right Peter Fagan (Lead vocals), Paul Sherwin (Bass/vocals), Steve Coulton (Drums), Robin McNamara (Guitar/vocals) & Pat McNamara (Saxophone).

The group, from Workington, was originally a three piece with founder members Paul, Steve & Robin playing their first paid gigs as "Britannia Colours" when Jimmy Hendrix was just coming onto the UK scene.

The group evolved into A.C. Experiment covering a broader range of music including soul with the addition of Peter on lead vocals and Robin's brother Pat on sax. An innovative light show and go-go dancers for a time complimented the stage show with two vans needed for all the gear!

A.C. Experiment lasted two good years from 1967 - 1969 playing all the venues of the time including the Tow Bar at Nethertown, Silloth Lido, Carlisle Cosmo, Workington Princess Hall and of course the Reds Club.

The demise of the group was sealed when the engine blew up in the sole surviving van half way up Bridgefoot hill on the way back from playing a dance at Embleton!